Chandler & Price Letterpress


A little history on the Chandler & Price Letterpress.

The following information was researched and shared with me by Sinead Border.

Chandler & Price Co. was founded in 1881 in Cleveland, Ohio by Harrison T. Chandler and William H. Price. They produced jobbing platen presses and other printing equipment until 1964 until they were superseded by the advent of offset printing.

Chandler & Price presses were produced in three distinct styles and periods. The Old Series (1884- 1914), New Series (1911- 1964) and The Craftsman (1921 – 1964). Despite not having been made since the 1960’s Chandler & Price presses can still be found in use today owing to their sturdy construction and their appropriateness for smaller printing projects which can accommodate heavier paper stock.

My press is a Treadle-operated 8 x 12 platen printing press. Manufactured from cast iron and painted black with gold paint detailing on the flywheel and frame. The machine is comprised of a centrally mounted ink dish, foot treadle for manual operation, clutch lever for braking, and curve-spoked flywheel typical of the Chandler & Price Old Series presses.

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