Spring – Broad Beans


I just love broad beans not only for their flavour and texture but for their pertinacity to really stick to Spring as their prime growing season.
To peel or not to peel? I like to choose the smaller pods and after removing the beans from the pods, if very small they can be eaten raw with just salt, pepper and olive oil or blanched very briefly and refreshed in iced water and added to salads, pureed to make a dip or tossed through fresh pasta with loads of parsley, garlic, lemon and again salt, pepper and olive oil.
Even the larger beans if from very fresh pods do not require double peeling but I do cook these for a little longer. I might make a soffritto base of onion, garlic and fresh chopped tomatoes cooked out in olive oil with some butter and then add the beans to stew until softened. Perfect with roast spring lamb.

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